Senior Photos (Not Your Regular School Picture)

Do you want to take your senior pictures to the next level? Then set up your senior photos with options to make you feel like a professional model and even for a social media highlight video included. 

Photo Shoots (Say Cheese)

Was your school yearbook photo the last time you posed for a photo? Let MYG change that by giving you your next photoshoot at the location you choose. Don't worry we will bring the lights and the camera, you just bring your smile. This could be for a family photo or maybe a senior picture. No matter the occasion or location MYG can help your next photo be your best photo.

Professional Photo Experience  (Ditch the Photo Booth)

Have you ever sat in a photo booth, got your picture taken then reviewed the tiny print out only to find that you didn't like any of the photos? Then MYG's "Professional Photo Experience" is for you. We set ourselves apart by using a professional photographer with a real camera and real lighting, not some stuffy dark booth. We take your photo and let you review it; if you don't like it we take another. And if you do like it and just want to try a different pose we gladly shoot another picture. After you're done posing you pic the photos you want to purchase! We print them there for you in a variety of different sizes, none of which are "tiny." So invite MYG to your next event to give your attendees the best photo they've ever had!

Untitled photo

Live Event Photos (Remember the Moment)

Are you having a fabulous event that you and your guest want to remember forever? The photographers at MYG are the experts at capturing the moment of any live event. Whether it's a banquet, birthday party, reunion, anniversary or conference, MYG has you covered with an exceptional customer experience topped only by the quality of your photos. With rates as low as $199/hr contact us today.

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