Consulting (There is always a better way)

Asking the right questions and delivering effective solutions is the heart of what we do at MYG. We can help take your organization, business, brand and skill to the next level with our expert advice and experience. Schedule a free 30min consultation to determine the best way for MYG to meet your photo and video needs.

Content Creator Coaching (Live your dream by developing your skill)

Do you want to be a the next Youtube millionaire or do you want to be a full-time photographer? Or maybe you just want to learn what all the buttons and dials do on your camera so that you can take the best photo during your child’s soccer game. MYG can help you accomplish your dream, gain confidence to excel and learn the skills to be successful to create the photos and videos you want. With customized tutorials, homework and consultations via video chat we can help any current or aspiring content creator flourish in their purpose. Complete our content creator form to determine if MYG is the boost you need to develop in your dream.

Non-profit Media Needs (You're doing great things, your videos should show it)

MYG loves to help further the vision of non-profit organizations using photos and videos that tell your organization’s story. We can help you increase viewership by producing engaging videos with high quality audio and video that conveys how important your cause is. Complete our non-profit form to get an affordable customized quote for your organization today.

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